Monday, November 19, 2007

COMING UP- Bambina Nina's Sisterlocks

Well it's finally happening! Daughter number 2 is getting sisterlocked. Yesterday I finished the last of the front two sections of Nina's hair - many lollipops and one new barbie mobile phone later.(3 days of 2 30 min sessions). I'm giving her medium and small. Now there are 4 other sections to go.
I'll be posting pics as soon as I can get her to sit. The whole process I am doing totally at her pace. So will take a week I suspect. I'm thinking up new bribes.
She's the most tender headed baby I've ever met and if she isn't complaining while I put in the locks( it's sitting still which bugs her), it means Sisterlocks don't hurt when they are being put installed.
Nina HATES having a comb in her hair and hopefully this will help to resolve our hair battles. She has the softest blackest hair with a long curl pattern(almost straight in the front) yet very very elastic and shrinky, if you see what i mean?

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Fall Routine - Freestyling

Nothing easier. Spritz, shake out your locks and out of the door good to go!!

Best For Sisterlocks -The hook or the clip?

Reading Sophia's recent posting about her retightening experiences in Atlanta and a few other blog comments got me thinking.
Which Sisterlocks tool is best: the hook tool or the clip?

First of all, Sisterlocks consultants are taught to use both tools during the training course. The Sisterlocks system, as we all know, was meticulously designed by Dr Cornwell with much thought about the tools which would produce the locking results that we all know and love.

BOTH tools were intended and designed for starting and maintaining Sisterlocks and each have their strengths. I think consultants choose their preferences and also take their cue from their trainers.

During my initial training in New York (Joanne herself participated in that) there was no particular emphasis on either tool - we were told to "master both". Since then I have met consultants and trainees who preferred one over the other for various reasons. At a refresher class I took this year, the trainers made their preference for the hook tool clear. Hence comments like "if you can't use the hook tool you don't know what you are about." Well I believe personal preference takes the lead. My sisterlocks were installed by a wonderful consultant in the DC area who used only the clip tool. Her locks, which she'd had for 4 years at the time, were gorgeous and mine were installed excellently. My sister Ama's sisterlocks were put in in London by a consultant who favors the clip tool. I've never thought to question as the results spoke for themselves.

Now there are instances where the clip tool is not so great (on the ends of thickish locks for instance) or when the hair is too short, or fragile and I believe there are other instances as well and yes it gives you a heck of a sore thumb!!, however, use of each tool demonstrates the skill of the consultant and used CORRECTLY, there is no reason why it should harm your Sisterlocks. I personally have had my hair damaged by rough use of the hook tool.

For the record, my preference was for the clip tool right from the start especially as a self-retightening tool. I don't think one should put down consultants who prefer this tool over the hook if they are working professionally and correctly. (no snags, no lumps, bumps or pain).

Thoughts on...Starting Sisterlocks From The Back

In the same way, we are trained to install Sisterlocks from the FRONT of the head which I've always strictly adhered to. Some consultants however, choose to start in the back, but still get excellent parting/sectioning results. They use care and attention to detail and follow the locking patterns. The main reason for starting in the front is because that is the most important section of a client's head. You logically need to focus your highest energy levels and attention to detail there. After 10 hours of work on the back of a client's head, you might not approach the front with the same energy out of sheer tiredness. What can I (or anyone) say against a consultant who starts at the back yet still has beautiful, even partings and sectioning in the front contrary to the standard Sisterlocks method?
This is not intended to start a debate on the issue in any way because there is no "right" answer in my opinion. The Home Office is the final authority on that.

Thoughts On..."Bad" Consultants

To Sophia in particular(and anyone else who has had bad consultant experiences) I say please don't be put off by negative experiences you've had. We do have choice - well at least most of us do- and you can and will find another more suitable consultant. The beauty of the Sisterlocks system is the individuality of each person's locking journey. Mistakes for the most part can be ironed out, reversed and corrected by an experienced consultant if caught in time. Find another consultant and also take the time to let your consultant know if you are not satisfied or if her behavior or practices are substandard. Some consultants will do better with constructive criticism if they are told I'm sure. As a consultant trainee (who has submitted documentation and paperwork for certification and is awaiting a verdict from the Home Office), I so realize the importance of keeping to the high standards of our Sisterlocks training. It is our advertisement to the world. At the same time it can be daunting, especially for newer trainees to be under the spotlight of clients who have extremely high expectations.
My rule of thumb is find a consultant whose work is good, with whom you have a connection, who has the right attitude and you are sorted. And always find yourself a back up!!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Natural Girls Beautiful

Here is Soila and one of her close friends Zora aren't they beautiful? Both have locks and love their hair natural and free.