Monday, September 01, 2008

Michelle - A Woman Who Inspires...

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Sorry bloggers for being so abysmal about updating. My hands have been soooo busy with many new clients. (God is so good to me :)
My husband just got back from the Democratic National Convention and of course I asked him what he'd brought me. My favorite among the huge bag of goodies was this t-shirt of Michelle Obama - a lady of class, distinction, intelligence and beauty. What a lovely first-lady she'd make I think. I'm not American, but can't help being caught up in this most unique election.
Meanwhile - still loving my Sisterlocks after 5 Years this month!!! This photo is definitely not a glam shot - taken early in the am on the front steps, no make-up, totally freestyle. Will post update pics after I wash and set. I also had a color touch-up last month to cover the ever-intruding gray.