Friday, September 28, 2007

Friday in the garden-2

Friday in the garden

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It was nice and warm this evening and Friday to boot. Decided to take the opportunity for a few shots in the garden with the girls before the sun went down next to our jasmine bush- smelling heavenly. Thank God for Fridays and family.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Mother and Daughter. Thoughts On Swimming with Sisterlocks

After taking the pics of Soila, I thought I'd let hubby take a shot of us together. I think it's great to have her all locked up and she simply is great about retightenings. As I said in the post before we had just finished retightening which was quite a job because of the length of time we had left in between and because she swam nearly every day this summer.(we have a pool). Neither she nor I use a cap for swimming
a) because I can't find one that fits snugly over our locks and my big head and
b) because we tore her very first swim cap trying to put it on her head.
It didn't do much harm I don't think, except for extra swelling and puffiness on daughter's locks. Mine are totally locked. I was slightly worried about the effect on my hair color but really I haven't noticed any greeness. I always rinse my hair and Soila's after swimming but do not necessarily wash because we swam most every day in the summer often twice daily. I prefer a once-a-week wash because I have dry hair. What do other frequent swimmers do to protect their Sisterlocks? Any thoughts? I also deep conditioned once a week. Anyone know of good swim caps for lock wearers?

Behold - One Diva Daughter!!

Here at last are a few long promised photos of our daughter Soila(affectionately known as Lala). Her Sisterlocks are now exactly a year old. DH took the pics this evening after the last section of her hair was retightened. Lala is four and has wanted hair like mummy's ever since she could talk. She sat patiently while I locked her hair last year over a period of a week or was it 10 days doing only a little bit at a time so as not to wear her out. She wears them with pride.

Monday, September 17, 2007

UPDATES Galore!! I promise

I haven't kept up with this blog for so long. It's disgraceful. Period. I've turned over a new leaf and am going to pick it up again, inspired by my twin sister. Thanks to all who have ever visited this blog and left comments. I must say I was really embarrassed to find out because I got swamped with moving here, settling and all and as Maryee said READING blogs can be so addictive. In my case so addictive I forgot to update my own!! Anyway, please all give me another chance and stay on the journey with me. Thanks to so many of your journeys which are such an inspiration and soooo interesting. God bless and read on down for my updates and new pics. I still have to post the promised photos of my four year old's Sisterlocks which are exactly a year old...bait...

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Update -2: Compare the Sisters

Isn't it annoying the fact that you can be genetically identical to a person yet your hair grows differently? Ama and I both have Sisterlocks and granted, she had hers a year and a half before mine, BUT... hers were at least two inches shorter than mine when she started AND she had relaxed hair on the ends. Mine was all natural.
I've given up hoping mine will catch up.....

The first photo was taken in Ghana this Easter. The second was taken last Thanksgiving when Ama came to pay us a visit.

I swear I don't seem to much difference in my length, since then. It must be the humidity and the hot tropical sun in Ghana which does her hair so much good...

More pics

More photos from FSO
. Enjoy!!

Update -1: Growth

Here's a shot showing new length and a do-it-yourself coloring job.(smile). My sisterlocks are 4 years old now. Wonder why they aren't even longer? Still having them put in is the best hair decision I've ever made.

For Sisters Only

After many months of absence I have taken a vow to make sure I update my blog regularly. I really admire the veterans who manage to accomplish this.
My last blog entry was to tell about our relocation to Hot 'Lanta where my sisterlock journey continues unabated....
We have settled in well and love our new home. I have made many new friends and recently new Sisterlocks consultant friends and that has been wonderful...Well I'll be posting a ton of photos but let me start with this latest.
Yesterday(Sat 09/15) and today, myself and a group of Sisterlocks consultants led by veterans Wanda Washington and Calla Johnson manned a booth at For Sisters Only - an annual fun-filled event showcasing African American businesses and entertainers, beauty and hair care. We had a blast!! There was a lot of interest and response with tons of questions. Many women were seeing Sisterlocks in the flesh for the first time after having believed all along they were extensions!!
Here are a few photos. Yesterday -group photo - Myself, Sharon and Natalie. Today(day 2), Calla (who sports stunning red sisterlocks) styled my hair on the platform into this elegant chignon!!

I felt like a queen!!