Friday, June 27, 2008

On splitting Sisterlocks, thin hair and locking

I've been so busy over the past few weeks with my phone ringing regularly and my appointment book getting almost full. I thank God so much for my wonderful clients and transfer clients.
Did you know that Sisterlocks that are too large can be split? It's a long process but I am doing that for one client of mine. When we are done, her already abundant head of locks will be even more so. But well worth it. But it'll back to bundling and banding for a while.
Sometimes for one reason or another Sisterlocks are made too large and then splitting comes in. I'm even in the process of splitting quite a number of my daughter Soila's locks. Because she had her Sisterlocks put in when she was only 3 and a half and her head and scalp surface are still growing, some of her sisterlocks(which were medium and large) to start with, have become thick and bulky. (She's 5 now). It's for this reason some consultants suggest putting micros(the smallest size locks) for kids. But I am totally against that- It's way too much torture for them to sit down even if it's spread over many sessions.
I'll be posting photos of a few of my new clients in my album soon.
One of them, whom I'll call Miss A, has had issues with thinning hair caused by repeated coloring of her traditional locks she had for many years. She also went through months of tight braids and weaves prior to gettting her Sisterlocks.
Here she is 
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Many women with this problem wonder whether Sisterlocks would work for them. Blogs by sisters like Helga and Funmi are sure proof that when we stop messing around with our hair and leave it alone, we will be surprised at the new growth and thickness we can achieve. Hooray for Sisterlocks!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Finished! Tele's Locked Up

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At last!! After a week or so of working a bit here and a bit there, Tele's got his brotherlocks. "Yipee" was all he could say with a grin and a big yawn. The locked siblings then got together for a little portrait---sweet. You can see more of Tele's photos below and in my Fotki album. One thing I can say: Sisterlocks(and Brotherlocks) is great for kids!!!
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Finsished pics

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