Sunday, April 04, 2010

New Year, New Me...Here we Go!

So, I'm finally making my first post this year and we are already in April. Shame on me. Happy Easter every one.
Well I did it and really went for the big chop just before the end of last year. I cut off my Sisterlocks of nearly 6 years and have started again with a brand new set.

Why? Not really sure. I had become dissatisfied and the first cut I felt didn't go far enough. Now I have sisterlocks which are just about 2 inches in length max. It's amazing how fast you forget what the beginning was like. Now I'll be taking the journey alongside many of my wonderful clients.

I went home to Ghana last week to see my mum who has turned 78. We had a wonderful time with my twin sister Ama and family friends. Look at the contrast between me and Ama's hair.
One thing I know for sure I'll never ever NOT have sisterlocks.