Saturday, May 24, 2008

Stone Mountain Atlanta Sisterlocks Meetup

We had a great time Saturday evening, our third Atlanta Sisterlocks Meetup at Stone Mountain Park. The weather was hot and steamy, but the lovely breeze at the top made it worthwhile. We chatted and joked as we went up. My kids went along as did Angela's. (mentioned in the post just before this). My hubby who always acts as photographer, came along too and had a blast.We all voted to do it again soon. Big thanks to Sophia, Onyxcherry and Angela. Sophia and Charanor, who look like sisters, according to my daughter, have attended every single meetup to date and Angela has only missed one. We missed everyone who couldn't make it, but know that this weekend was a big one for graduation ceremonies, weddings and the like. Note Tele in the last photo (on the left). He's due to have his long-awaited brotherlocks installed next week, first week of the summer holidays, as promised. I'll be sure to update with his photos. Don't our Sisterlocks look great blowing in the breeze? - and of course, we didn't have to worry about spoiling our do's. Lovely!


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Friday, May 23, 2008

Angela's Lovely Updo!

One of my best client's Angela, came by today. She had such a lovely updo that I couldn't resist taking photos before she took it down to show me how she got the look. To create the effect she made a series of bantu knots held up high with a band and left the back to cascade down. Gorgeous!!



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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Helllo and belated Happy Mother's Day

Hello everyone!
It's been a while since I updated so here's some of what I've been up to:
Well, I'm building up a client base and my phone's been ringing quite a bit these past weeks. (Amazing what being listed as a certified consultant does for you).
Last week I had 2 retightenings and a new installation(took me a whopping nearly 24 hrs). Another consultation this week and retightenings for next.
My Mother's Day was so sweet. The girls woke me up with breakfast in bed helped by Dad and then we went to church.
I did have a retightening in the afternoon, but we had a special sushi supper.
A belated Happy Mother's Day to all mums and even more thanks to God for this pick up in my business. I'm particularly grateful to all my transfer clients for trusting me.