Thursday, May 05, 2011

The girls, My Sis, Mom and Me

So the girls have new sisterlocks too. These are a few photos taken early December last year when my tiwn sister Ama came over to Atlanta with my lovely niece Kukua (also Sisterlocked)for the first Atlanta Sisterlocks explosion. Mum was with us for Christmas and that was a lovely time for us. Note: the girls need reti's lol Their locks are about 4 months old in the photos

Me Month 6 With Client Miss M

Here are a few photos taken at month 6. My more recent photos(coming very soon I promise), will show the color a lot more as I have redone it.

I'm back! New Sisterlocks Growing Daily

Well a big shame on me! It's been over a year since I last posted on my blog. My new set of Siserlocks are now a year old. It's been quite a journey getting used to itty bitty locks but I am pleased to say that they are coming along nicely.
As usual I can't stay away from color so I have colored them, about a month ago with Textures and Tones. I really like the results. Pictures are following soonest, I promise. Along with more regular blog postings.