Sunday, September 16, 2007

For Sisters Only

After many months of absence I have taken a vow to make sure I update my blog regularly. I really admire the veterans who manage to accomplish this.
My last blog entry was to tell about our relocation to Hot 'Lanta where my sisterlock journey continues unabated....
We have settled in well and love our new home. I have made many new friends and recently new Sisterlocks consultant friends and that has been wonderful...Well I'll be posting a ton of photos but let me start with this latest.
Yesterday(Sat 09/15) and today, myself and a group of Sisterlocks consultants led by veterans Wanda Washington and Calla Johnson manned a booth at For Sisters Only - an annual fun-filled event showcasing African American businesses and entertainers, beauty and hair care. We had a blast!! There was a lot of interest and response with tons of questions. Many women were seeing Sisterlocks in the flesh for the first time after having believed all along they were extensions!!
Here are a few photos. Yesterday -group photo - Myself, Sharon and Natalie. Today(day 2), Calla (who sports stunning red sisterlocks) styled my hair on the platform into this elegant chignon!!

I felt like a queen!!

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