Sunday, December 03, 2006

Dec. 2006 Atlanta- new city, new home

It's been simply ages since I last posted. I don't know how or what, but there's been sooo much going on in my life that I NEVER seem to have the time. I have the greatest admiration for bloggers who keep updating regularly. (especially those with kids).
Well, my sisterlocks journey now finds me based in Hot 'Lanta, where my husband has been transferred. We moved here mid-July so it's been all of four months now and I LOVE it!!
Atlanta is soo green and the city is so different from London. The weather has been fab. My sisterlocked twin came to visit for Thanksgiving and we had a wonderful time. Her hair is growing like a weed- so is mine for that matter. I'll post some pics for you. Hurray for sisterlocks.
Now the family is pretty much settled, I'll be looking to start working on getting some sisterlock clients. I've also become an independent beauty consultant with MaryKay cosmetics
  • Amba's MaryKay store
  • Now many of you might have tried MaryKay products in the past but might not have seen their newer lines in skin care and colors. They are the bomb! Please take a look at their website and my personal Marykay link and online store. Call or email if you need anything because you can buy products directly from my store which of course, gets me some income:). MaryKay has a wonderful make-up product line that is great for black skin, although many women just don't know about it.


    sisterlockedlondon said...

    HI Amba, nice to see you back. Do you remember me from London? I was unable to make your gathering due to being in Trinidad. I have finally managed to take the consultant's training class in Miami in November and due for my first clinet in December. Welcome back and glad the family are settled in Atlanta!

    Amba said...

    Of course I remember you and it's wonderful that you are now a trained consultant. All the best with your future clients. I'll try to keep in touch. How did the training go? Fantastic location.(smile)