Monday, September 17, 2007

UPDATES Galore!! I promise

I haven't kept up with this blog for so long. It's disgraceful. Period. I've turned over a new leaf and am going to pick it up again, inspired by my twin sister. Thanks to all who have ever visited this blog and left comments. I must say I was really embarrassed to find out because I got swamped with moving here, settling and all and as Maryee said READING blogs can be so addictive. In my case so addictive I forgot to update my own!! Anyway, please all give me another chance and stay on the journey with me. Thanks to so many of your journeys which are such an inspiration and soooo interesting. God bless and read on down for my updates and new pics. I still have to post the promised photos of my four year old's Sisterlocks which are exactly a year old...bait...

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