Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Sisterlocks in Ghana -Yay!!

Hi Everyone,
I've been sooooo bad about posting but will soon be updating big time -I promise. Meanwhile I want to shout out about my twin sister's sisterlocks in Ghana and her new blog. This is her link
  • Sisterlocks in Ghana
  • She inspired me to get sisterlocks and her hair (one year ahead of mine) has REALLY grown.


    brunsli said...


    I'm so excited that you'll be blogging again. And thanks for the link to your sister's blog.

    tanaadei said...


    If I had known about Sisterlocks alot sooner it would have saved me alot of heartache and hairbreak.
    I long to have these done as soon as I can find a reputable consultant in London. I am of Ghanian heritage and was alittle intimidated of having locks because of the social stigma it carrys in Ghana, but now I think it is up to the individual on how they present themselves, as I have seen on the internet. Most of these styles are very beautiful and feminine. I need to know of any good stylists of Sisterlocks out there in London, if you know of any please let me know. And once I get them done I promise to let you know the out come. Cheers

    Anonymous said...

    Do you know of any sisterlocks consultant in Ghana?