Monday, February 11, 2008


I've been tagged(thanks Knotsnlocks)but oh dear, although I'm terribly pleased, I'm scratching my head to think of 6 non important/quirky/random facts or habits of mine to share and to find anyone who has not been tagged already. goes...
1. I love sea food, especially lobsters and giant prawns, cherries and creme brulee.
2. My fantasy would be an eight week-long world cruise with my hubby, kids, mum and sisters(and their kids and husbands) stopping in the Caribbean, South Pacific and Italy(with a stop in Milan for shopping). No diets, no work, no schedules and unlimited spending money.
3. The Chronicles Of Narnia are my absolute favorite books in the world. Can't wait till Prince Caspian comes out in May.
4. I talk to my 2 sisters almost every day(they are are my best friends). We are separated by thousands of miles but thank God for skype, or there'd be a hell of a phone bill to pay.
5. I'm a fan of the tv series "24" even though I find Jack Bauer loathsome. I don't have the patience to watch it week by week, I buy a season at a time and stay up all night for 3 days in a row to finish it.
6. I love board games like scrabble, monopoly, draughts and ludo.

1. link to the person that tagged you Knotsnlocks - done. Thanks for tagging me.
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3. tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs- I tag
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I'm adding because I just realised Ree-C and Naturalist you have both been tagged at least twice. WHO HASN'T BEEN TAGGED?


Naturally Sophia said...

If I won the lotto, I would take a cruise like that too. ;)

Meikmeika said...

I'm with you on the cruise!!!!

Amba said...

Hehehe! I must say my husband looking over my shoulder said he loved the idea BUT..why would you want take so many people along, he asked?

cheleski68 said...

oh boy, tag i'm it....ill be back to see the rules...i LOVE you and your girls hair. those pics are 2 beautiful