Friday, July 04, 2008

Meetup 4 -La Madeleine

Here we are at our fourth meetup June 28th which was a summer brunch. We really had a great time. There were plenty of Sisterlocks in all stages of development from new, new born babies(4 days old Sisterlocks) to 4 plus years. There were also a number of ladies interested in Sisterlocks in attendance so we had a lot of questions and first-hand sharing. Thanks for all who made it. A big thanks to Sophia and Aajiliah for all their help. Looking forward to the next one soon. Check Ayo's blog and Sophia's blog for more photos. We had about 15 ladies attending in all.

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Maryee said...

Wonderful. I love "informationals".

anthia-ofo said...

Amba, I came here to have a right go at you for even thinking of cutting your locs, then I saw those photos and I'm like wow! Whose the lady below? Ok, it's no use me thinking this way bc my hair won't 'stand' although it's only 5ins. But I can see why you're contemplating cutting. Starting over can be pretty painful at times- going thru those baby stages again. Now, tell me who's older, you or Ama? Anne told me that amongst fantes the older is actually the younger. Is that correct?

Helga said...

Lovely! You all look like very fine on your Sunday brunch!