Wednesday, November 12, 2008

NEWSFLASH:My Sisterlocks Client In The Atlanta Journal Constitution

I still haven't come down from the clouds after last week's amazing elections.
Well, I was going through my keepsake copy of the AJC the day after the elections when what do you know? There was a quote from one of my latest client's Lakieshia taken from her at Ebenezer Baptist on election night.
"We want to be here to to see history in the making. I mean being here is much bigger than watching it on TV," she said.
Well I was so excited that I put the paper down, called her up and asked was that you? It sure was!!! Yay!! Wish they had had her photo as well. Check out her blog for her progress. She comes for her first retightening on Friday. And she's loving her Sisterlocks.


Docs Locs said...

Even journalists get excited when they see the name of someone they know in print! Congrats to you and your client. I guess I see you Monday (?) for my retightening (You know how I always forget! :o)

anthia-ofo said...

Hey! does this mean you're famous? Can you send me Ama's contact email and/or number?

QueenLi said...

Just a Native Fulton County {Atl} girl, stopping by to stay Hi. :)

Take Care~