Sunday, April 20, 2008

We had Our Second Meetup

The Atlanta Sisterlocks Meetup had its second meetup yesterday chez moi. We had eight in attendence, much smaller than anticipated from the rsvps, but we had a good time sharing and talking about our Sisterlocks journeys.
I'm always amazed at how no set of Sisterlocks looks alike. We discussed differences and similarities and swapped products tips and experiences.
Thanks so much to all who came. It's a special thrill to meet bloggers Sophia, Onyxcherry and Docsblogs in person for the second time. Check out their blogs for more photos.


Lakia said...

You gals are doing big things in Georgia!

Amba said...

Hey Lakia, thanks :)

Docs Locs said...

Great photos - we're kinda cute :o)

Meikmeika said...

Beautiful pics!!