Monday, November 19, 2007

COMING UP- Bambina Nina's Sisterlocks

Well it's finally happening! Daughter number 2 is getting sisterlocked. Yesterday I finished the last of the front two sections of Nina's hair - many lollipops and one new barbie mobile phone later.(3 days of 2 30 min sessions). I'm giving her medium and small. Now there are 4 other sections to go.
I'll be posting pics as soon as I can get her to sit. The whole process I am doing totally at her pace. So will take a week I suspect. I'm thinking up new bribes.
She's the most tender headed baby I've ever met and if she isn't complaining while I put in the locks( it's sitting still which bugs her), it means Sisterlocks don't hurt when they are being put installed.
Nina HATES having a comb in her hair and hopefully this will help to resolve our hair battles. She has the softest blackest hair with a long curl pattern(almost straight in the front) yet very very elastic and shrinky, if you see what i mean?


Lakia said...

Can't wait to see the pictures!

QueenLi said...

This is about Ghana, and coming home: {not about hair} but I wanted to share this link with you:

Take Care~

Amba said...

Thanks Lakia and Queenli. Progress is slow and completely halted over thanksgiving but hopefully we'll finish this weekend. Thanks for the utube link Queenli.