Sunday, November 11, 2007

Best For Sisterlocks -The hook or the clip?

Reading Sophia's recent posting about her retightening experiences in Atlanta and a few other blog comments got me thinking.
Which Sisterlocks tool is best: the hook tool or the clip?

First of all, Sisterlocks consultants are taught to use both tools during the training course. The Sisterlocks system, as we all know, was meticulously designed by Dr Cornwell with much thought about the tools which would produce the locking results that we all know and love.

BOTH tools were intended and designed for starting and maintaining Sisterlocks and each have their strengths. I think consultants choose their preferences and also take their cue from their trainers.

During my initial training in New York (Joanne herself participated in that) there was no particular emphasis on either tool - we were told to "master both". Since then I have met consultants and trainees who preferred one over the other for various reasons. At a refresher class I took this year, the trainers made their preference for the hook tool clear. Hence comments like "if you can't use the hook tool you don't know what you are about." Well I believe personal preference takes the lead. My sisterlocks were installed by a wonderful consultant in the DC area who used only the clip tool. Her locks, which she'd had for 4 years at the time, were gorgeous and mine were installed excellently. My sister Ama's sisterlocks were put in in London by a consultant who favors the clip tool. I've never thought to question as the results spoke for themselves.

Now there are instances where the clip tool is not so great (on the ends of thickish locks for instance) or when the hair is too short, or fragile and I believe there are other instances as well and yes it gives you a heck of a sore thumb!!, however, use of each tool demonstrates the skill of the consultant and used CORRECTLY, there is no reason why it should harm your Sisterlocks. I personally have had my hair damaged by rough use of the hook tool.

For the record, my preference was for the clip tool right from the start especially as a self-retightening tool. I don't think one should put down consultants who prefer this tool over the hook if they are working professionally and correctly. (no snags, no lumps, bumps or pain).


Naturally Sophia said...

Interesting. I didn't know that. I was told by at least 5 consultants that have been certified that the clip tool should never be used on my hair texture especially since my locks are not mature. I can say that I can tell where it was used because my hair has not locked completely. Once it locks, I don't think it will matter.

It made larger loops than the hook tool. My initial install consultant could also tell. It's not a big deal but I would ave preferred the consultant to use the hook tool which she admitted later she doesn't ever use and has never used it. I find a lot of discrepancy with consultants here and feel a trademarked brand should be better policed. It makes me feel like you can not effectively brand a locking technique because each consultant apparently interprets the training differently.

Amba said...

Thanks for your comments. I do understand you and I think often the dialog between consultants and clients is not as frank enough as it should be. Often perhaps on the part of the consultant who feels client only need to know "so much." I don't believe each consultant interprets the training differently but as in all other fields of hair care, we are individuals and bring our individuality to the standardized practice we learn in Sisterlocks if you see what I mean?

TwoIslandsGirl said...

My preference is the clip tool as well. When I took the SL class in June, we were told to master both tools, but focus on the hook tool. The reason given was that using the clip tool can distract from mastering the hook tool since looping with the clip tool is "easier". To date, I'm still trying to master the hook tool. I have no problems using it on my mannequin, but when it comes to my own hair, I get frustrated. I'll have to devote more time for practice!

Aya said...

I only use the clip tool. Even during the class I couldn't get the hang of the hook tool. I guess I gave up trying after messing up several locks trying to use it.

muslimahlocs said...

i prefer the hook tool. i have been using it on my hair for the past 11 years.