Sunday, November 11, 2007

Thoughts on...Starting Sisterlocks From The Back

In the same way, we are trained to install Sisterlocks from the FRONT of the head which I've always strictly adhered to. Some consultants however, choose to start in the back, but still get excellent parting/sectioning results. They use care and attention to detail and follow the locking patterns. The main reason for starting in the front is because that is the most important section of a client's head. You logically need to focus your highest energy levels and attention to detail there. After 10 hours of work on the back of a client's head, you might not approach the front with the same energy out of sheer tiredness. What can I (or anyone) say against a consultant who starts at the back yet still has beautiful, even partings and sectioning in the front contrary to the standard Sisterlocks method?
This is not intended to start a debate on the issue in any way because there is no "right" answer in my opinion. The Home Office is the final authority on that.

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Naturally Sophia said...

Hmmm...I didn't know that. I can only say that if the end result looks the same or better, why not. Besides, it takes so many hours, the front could be done on an entirely different day if started from the back so the consultant would not be tired. Just food for thought...