Sunday, November 11, 2007

Thoughts On..."Bad" Consultants

To Sophia in particular(and anyone else who has had bad consultant experiences) I say please don't be put off by negative experiences you've had. We do have choice - well at least most of us do- and you can and will find another more suitable consultant. The beauty of the Sisterlocks system is the individuality of each person's locking journey. Mistakes for the most part can be ironed out, reversed and corrected by an experienced consultant if caught in time. Find another consultant and also take the time to let your consultant know if you are not satisfied or if her behavior or practices are substandard. Some consultants will do better with constructive criticism if they are told I'm sure. As a consultant trainee (who has submitted documentation and paperwork for certification and is awaiting a verdict from the Home Office), I so realize the importance of keeping to the high standards of our Sisterlocks training. It is our advertisement to the world. At the same time it can be daunting, especially for newer trainees to be under the spotlight of clients who have extremely high expectations.
My rule of thumb is find a consultant whose work is good, with whom you have a connection, who has the right attitude and you are sorted. And always find yourself a back up!!


Naturally Sophia said...

Hi Amba! Thanks for the post. I have not given up on looking for a Sisterlock consultants. I am so happy that I locked again after having traditional locks for about 2 years. Having traditional locks spoiled me because I maintained them by interlocking myself. I also had less than 200 locks so it was not at all time consuming.

I have issues with the Sisterlock consultants for varied reasons. Please read here:

My biggest pet peeve I have had with an Atlanta consultant involved her cancelling on me the day I arrived to the appointment and sending me to another consultant who combined many of my locks unevenly and against my will. I gave both of them some constructive critism. I had to take them out and do them myself. The back row is still uneven because my hands got tired of trying to pick the locks she combined out. I am one of those clients who wants to know everything the consultant is doing. Combining my locks or using another pattern is a no-no when it's done without my knowledge.

Also, locking to me is spiritual and I have yet to find a consultant that has good energy in Atlanta. I feel like if someone has negative energy while doing your hair, it is a bad sign because energy is transferred. I know it's eccentric, but it's me. Thanks for the post. Maybe I should make an appointment with you if you are willing to straighten my parts out in the back and deal with my eccentric preferences. :)

still waters said...

Hey Amba

I agree 100 % and I agree and I agree 100%

thanks for the love on mums blog

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